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As NCA is a K-12 school, our Academic Program is divided into 
Elementary, Middle School, and High School programs.

The common features of all 3 programs are as follows:

Small class size typically made of 10-15 students

Effective and caring teachers committed to professional development

High quality curriculum based on thorough evaluation

Research-based instructional and assessment strategies

High achievement results


Elementary (K-3)

NCA’s pedagogical methods are guided by proven research and driven by formative/summative assessment results. The curriculum is carefully evaluated and selected to develop fundamental skills in all subjects, with a strong emphasis on Language Arts and Critical Thinking.


Middle School (4-8)

As much as NCA's High School program prepares students to thrive in collegiate settings, NCA's Middle School years help students prepare for successful high school learning. The focus is to develop effective study habits and accumulate foundational skills needed to succeed in high school.


High School (9-12)

NCA's High School students are all 4-year college bound. As such, students take not only required a-g courses (UC required courses), but additional years in those subjects.