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Admissions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the application?

You can submit an online application here

What is the tution at NCA? Are there other fees?

NCA's tuition for the 2018-19 school year is as follows, with an 8-week summer school included in the overall tuition.

  • Elementary (K - 5): $12,390 per year
  • Middle School (6 - 8): $13,490 per year
  • High School (9 - 12): $14,990 per year 

Parents must understand that there will be additional expenses such as uniforms, PE clothes, and field trips. In addition, each family is expected to contribute a minimum of $600 per child per year to NCA's Capital Campaign. Financial aid and scholarships are available to qualified families and students.

What is the mid-year transfer process?

Mid-year transfers are required to follow the normal application process. Interviews, submission of application/documents/fees, and testing are required.

Does my child need to take an entrance exam?

NCA does not require ISEE's. While NCA can and will accept ISEE scores, NCA administers its own tests (Stanford, Terra Nova, PSAT, SAT or specific subject tests). This is because students can prepare for ISEE's through tutoring, making results often inflated and inaccurate. We take authentic and holistic approaches to assessing your child's readiness, and examinations at our facility will provide us with more accurate information.

What if I can't get recommendation letters (during summer months or moving from another state/region)?

We understand that getting recommendation letters during certain seasons of the year is difficult. Please contact us and we'll provide you with guidance.

What about an international student who needs an I-20?  

I-20 students can apply to NCA, but NCA is very selective of international students. Each year, no more than 5-6 international students are admitted to NCA. For more on applying as an international student, please email (Office of International Student Services).

What about an international student who is currently attending another school in the US?

Again, NCA is very selective of international students. Transferring from your current school requires careful planning in order to accommodate I-20 transfer/issuance. Please forward your questions or concerns to

Does NCA take low performing students?

Each application is carefully reviewed to determine his/her fit to NCA and NCA's potential role in serving the child. Therefore, all applicants' individual situations and readiness are evaluated thoroughly and without prejudice. It should be noted, however, that NCA is highly selective of its students.

Does NCA provide bus or transportation services?

No, we do not. 

Does NCA provide afterschool programs?

Yes, but hours vary depending on family needs. Please contact us for more information.