He's Got Your Back


“I got you.”

“I got you covered.”

“I got your back.”

These are some comforting words, aren’t they? Whether we’re short on cash, strength, or courage, it’s nice to know that someone is standing with us, ready to provide that extra help or push.

In Psalm 18, David refers to God as his:

  • Strength

  • Rock

  • Fortress

  • Deliverer

  • Shield

  • Horn of salvation

  • Stronghold

  • Refuge

  • Listener

  • Rewarder

  • Savior

  • Light

  • Trainer

  • Equipper

  • Rescuer

  • Exalter

And, in Verse 18, David explicitly says that the Lord is his “support.” That’s it! God is our supporter! He is the one who “carries (-port)” us, with his hands beneath (-sub) us.

“No man is an island,” and no one should navigate through life alone. We all need friends, family, and others who can stand with us as we weather the storms of life. I know firsthand that my family and friends have helped me countless times in the “pickles” of life. What’s incredible is that they were placed in my life by God so that He can help me through them. And, ultimately, even if friends and family fail me, God whispers in my ear, “I am here. I got your back.”

God is our greatest Supporter. He roots for us. He cheers us on. He walks with us and surrounds us with his presence and providence. So, go with God today, for He goes with you. He’s got your back. He’s your #1 Supporter.

Jason SongPsalm 18, support