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News & Events

News & Events

  • K-1 Legoland

    In lieu of attending Fall Camp, the Kindergarten and 1st graders will be travelling to San Diego to visit Legoland on Friday, Sept. 21. Let's all pray for a safe and exciting time as our littlest ones explore the great theme park!

  • 90's Sadies

    The HS will be having their Sadies dance on Thursday, September 20 at 6pm. The theme is 90's, and we're all so excited to see what kind of outfits everyone will be coming in! High schoolers, please be sure to make your payments prior to attending! 

  • Milkshake Fundraiser

    The HS ASB will be holding a milkshake fundraiser from Monday, Sept. 17 to Wednesday, Sept. 19! Each cup will be sold for $3, so please be sure to support our high schoolers by purchasing a milkshake from them. 

  • First Girls' Volleyball Home Game!

    Our volleyball girls have been working hard all throughout the summer and the start of the school year to bring home wins for the season. Our first home game will be taking place September 11th at 2:45 PM, so students - please make your way over to Lafayette Recreation Center as soon as school's over to show your support to our girls!