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Dr. Song's Corner


4 Up's of Life

June 07, 2018
By Dr. Jason Song

Andy Prodger is a Hall of Fame caddy. Before his retirement, he shared the "Three Up's" of caddying. I was impressed with his wisdom. Here, I am adding one more "up" to that list to provide insight on living a productive and influential life.

Show Up
As a professional caddy, Prodger was big on showing up on time and having the right attitude. I think that's a great life principle. Show up on time. Don't be late. Don't waste other people's time. And, if you're going to show up, show up with the right attitude--a positive attitude.

Keep Up
A caddy's job is to keep up with his "boss" or the professional golfer. I think the last thing the golfer needs is a caddy who won't keep up! Applying this principle to oursevles, we must do our part at work, at home, at school, etc. In fact, it is wise to do more than what we are required to do. Go beyond the call of duty or responsibility. Keep making improvements. Work with others. Even if you fail, keep showing up, keep pressing on. 

Shut Up
Ah, the wisdom of not speaking! Keep the following as the guideline: speak less, listen more. That's straight from the Bible (James 1:19). Speak only when necessary. Speak through actions. Don't display your foolishness by opening your mouth!

Look Up
I am adding this to Prodger's list because this is foundational to life. The Bible teaches us to run the race with the eyes on the prize and the finish line. That means we need to keep our eyes fixed on God. Life often throws curve balls--problems or taxing issues--that demand our attention and focus. Remember to look up to God. He is the greatest resource and ally. He will not fail us. He will guide, encourage, and strengthen us to finish the race well.