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Dr. Song's Corner


Attitude Series #1

August 20, 2018
By Dr. Jason Song

Students prepare for the new school year by acquiring new backpacks, writing tools, school supplies and new clothes. That’s all fine and even necessary. However, I hope they can begin the new school year with a "fresh" and "positive" attitude. Why? Because attitude matters.

According to Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, the founding pastor of New Hope Churches in Hawaii, your attitude will determine: "(1) the quality of your relationship with other people; (2) whether you can turn a problem into blessing; and (3) whether you become a victim of defeat or a student of success."

Hence, we must think about our own attitude: What is my attitude toward problems, authority, family, friends, and money? Do I view setbacks as a stepping-stone for growth, or do I make excuses and blame others? How do I react when odds are against me? If others were to rank or score my attitude, 1 = poor and 10 = fantastic, what would be the score? 

Pastor Wayne says that good attitude is like the Hawaiian lei (a wreath of flowers presented to guests upon arrival). The beautiful fragrance can uplift others. But, a bad attitude is like the stink of trash that makes others scowl and turn their heads.

So, I hope all parents, teachers, and students of New Covenant will take the time to evaluate their attitude. This is particularly important as we start the new school year. May we give off the wonderful fragrance of Jesus this school year and bless everyone we meet!  With positive attitude, we can turn problems into solutions and blessings, and defeat into lessons for future successes.