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Dr. Song's Corner


Attitude Series #2

August 28, 2018
By Dr. Jason Song

Life is full of problems. Each person faces multiple battles every day. No one is immune from experiencing storms of life. If so, what makes one stay afloat while another sinks to the bottom? It's the attitude! 

Having a positive attitude inside causes you to withstand the storms of life--you will not allow the "outside storm to become an inside storm" (Cordeiro, pg. 37, in Attitudes that Attract Success). Here is Pastor Wayne Cordeiro's story:

"A few years ago, I took up fishing as a hobby. Friends and I would fish on the eastern shore of the Big Island of Hawaii. We would throw our lines into the ocean, and if we were fishing at the right time and had the right bait, we would catch some good-sized fish. Nearby was a barbecue grill where we would place our trophies. We would take our day's catch, clean each one and then place each trophy on the grill. Even though these fish had spent all their lives in the salty ocean, guess what? I had to sprinkle salt on our catch as we were cooking them... You would think that [that] would be about the most unnecessary thing to do, considering that the fish had been marinating in saltwater for at least a year or two. Yet even though these fish had lived in the ocean, none of the salt got inside."

What's the point? Even though we live in a world filled with tragedies, violence, and all kinds of problems (a.k.a., salty waters), we can still thrive as vibrant and strong followers of Jesus Christ, not ruined by all the negatives. And, this can be achieved through having faith in God and having the right attitude. 

You see, having a positive attitude does not mean avoiding problems or wishing they'd disappear. No, a sound attitude is knowing Who is in control and, thus, never allowing the outside storms to become inside storms. 

So, how is your attitude? Do you realize that problems are temporary? Do you believe that God is bigger than your problems? Are you confident that God is in control? Keep your eyes fixed on God and develop a positive attitude rooted in who He is. God will surely protect and sustain you each day.