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Dr. Song's Corner


NCA's Uniqueness

August 17, 2018
By Dr. Jason Song

What makes NCA unique?  

First, NCA is a Christian school where God is honored and Christ is exalted. It's sad but true that some schools with Christian names or history are no longer bona fide Christian schools. NCA was founded as a Christian school in 1999, and it is committed to providing solid Christian education to its students. The mission and vision of NCA is non-negotiable. Christ in the center of everything that takes place at NCA.

Second, NCA is a school where student achievement is celebrated and academic growth is supported. NCA's Terra-Nova results are in the top 7-9 percentile in the nation, and the SAT (1380+) and ACT (33) results are much, much higher than that of other schools, both public and private. We believe that God gave His people not only faith but intellect (mind, reason, logic). As such, we will educate our students to honor God with their learning.

Third, NCA's teachers are highly effective, qualified, and caring individuals. Teachers at NCA are more than just instructors--they are mentors, leaders, advisors, and counselors. You will have a hard time finding a more dedicated group of teachers. Our staff are committed to the profession, and they make all kinds of sacrifices to educate, enable, and equip the students.

Fourth, NCA is a small community that feels like family. NCA is truly a "village" that raises children together. Parents, teachers, and other adults bless and love all the students, together. We are not just a school but a tightly-knit community of parents, students, and teachers.

Fifth, NCA is affordable. NCA's tuition is literally a fraction compared to that of other private schools. Yet, NCA produces results that are significantly higher than more expensive schools. That's because NCA is committed to making Christian education affordable. Generous financial aid and scholarships are granted to more than 35% of families each year.

Sixth, NCA is focused on developing 21st century critical thinkers. It is no longer acceptable to just teach facts and information. Given that our children will be seeking jobs tomorrow that do not exist today, NCA developes critical thinkers who will be able to handle challenging tasks later.

Seventh, NCA utilizes technology effectively. The entire campus has high speed wi-fi coverage, and students in Grades 6-12 use Pearson's LMS (Learning Management System). Younger students use iPads, tablets, and Chromebooks as devices to use program such as IXL, Raz-Kids, Schoology, etc. In sum, NCA is effectively utilizing technology to make learning more engaging and manageable.

Eighth, NCA supports parents and families through PTA meetings, individual conferences, and family counseling sessions. Strengthening and supporting families is an important part of NCA's ministry. 

Finally, NCA is a growing school. From offering more sports, to art programs, to music programs, and various clubs each year, NCA is always looking for more ways to enrich student learning experience.

I have a lot more to say, but I'm running out of space! I hope you, too, can see how special NCA is! Go, Huskies!