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Dr. Song's Corner


Travel Thoughts

July 02, 2018
By Dr. Jason Song

I usually jot down some things I feel or learn as I travel, and here are some thoughts I’d like to share with you based on my recent travel to Korea.

1. I had to get a new passport in a hurry because of an unexpected overseas trip. I was lucky to have the process expedited by the Federal Agency. So, be sure to check your passport expiration date well in advance of your travel dates.

2. As I get older, transoceanic flights take a lot out of me physically.

3. Again, as I get older, I notice that it takes a lot longer to get adjusted to different time zones.

4. Traveling with children--no matter their age--is a special experience. I was accompanied by my soon-to-be-college-freshman daughter, and I’ll cherish our time together forever.

5. While traveling can be fun and adventurous, you always look forward to coming back home.

6. When I arrived at LAX, I stood in the line labeled “US Citizens and Residents Only” rather than “Visitors.” As a “naturalized” citizen, I do not take that distinction lightly. I am grateful and honored to have the privilege.  

7. As Los Angeles is a port of entry for millions of people from all over the world, there were people of different skin color, ethnicity, attires, and languages in the US Citizens and Residents Only line. It was truly kaleidoscopic and even “heavenly.”

8. I am a naturalized citizen and, as such, I have a special appreciation for Ephesians 2:11-22 (go read it for yourself).  Just in case you’re not reading the above passage, here’s the summary. The blood of Jesus makes Kingdom citizenship available to believers. Thus, they are no longer strangers or foreigners. When such “naturalized” individuals come together, the Holy Spirit weaves a beautiful tapestry by “knitting” them together. It’s a striking image which Christians should keep in mind in this day and age of political strife, racial tension, and ethnic division.

9. Parenthetically, while I appreciate the CPB (Customs and Border Patrol) officers’ “Welcome home” greetings, I look forward to the day when the Lord Himself will embrace me and welcome me into His Kingdom. I am glad that I have the assurance of “Kingdom passport” for that final leg of the journey. I hope you do, too.

10. As much as I appreciate the opportunity to travel, once again I realize how special “home” is. Home is where love, peace, rest, and joy awaits. I love coming back home.