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Elementary (K - 3)

NCA’s pedagogical methods are guided by proven research and driven by formative/summative assessment results. The curriculum is carefully evaluated and selected to develop fundamental skills in all subjects, with a strong emphasis on Language Arts and Critical Thinking.

The following lists what NCA does differently to improve student engagement, learning, and achievement.

  • Each class is made up of 15 or fewer students, unlike public or other private schools that typically have 25 or more per class
  • For Grades 1-3, a total of 2 hours each day is devoted to learning English (reading, writing, phonics, mechanics, listening, and speaking)
  • ‚ÄčGrades 4 and 5 are taught by subject specialists – in other words, their schedule is similar to that of middle school students, rotating from one class to another
  • Summer remediation and advancement is required for all students
  • Technology is highly incorporated - smartboards are used in classrooms and all elementary students are provided digital devices (Chromebooks, iPads, Fire Tablets) to enhance their learning
  • Personal attention provided by teachers in a family-like setting fosters development of confidence and communication skills

NCA's elementary school teachers are exceptional professionals committed to each student's success. They make learning fun and engaging, and they truly care for and nurture each child.